Meet our Team


Ian Hassall


He loves a chat!

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Charles Hassall

Managing Director

His bark is worse than his bite!

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Tom Hassall

Project Director

He works hard, plays harder

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Elliot Garbett

Finance and Key Accounts Director

The county badminton champion

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Stacey Hassall

HR and H&S Manager

She says it how it is!

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Dan Gibson

Logistics Manager

Dan, Dan The Army Man!

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Phil Seymour

Project Manager

He's a wizard!

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Danny Deehan

Project Manager

Our little princess!

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Adam Simpson

Project Manager

Look who's back, back again!

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Adam Hilton

Global Sales Manager

He probably thinks this song is about him...

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Charlotte Southan

Commercial Lead


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Ed Evans

Internal Buyer

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit

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Oli Wilkins

Project Coordinator

Our Joey Essex

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Dan Colburn

Commercial Coordinator

Our first rank!

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Alex Page

Project Surveyor

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Tony Brothwood


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Alan Lomas


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Adam Pennie

Warehouse Supervisor

The most infectious smile.

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Sam Goulding

Warehouse Operative

The man with the mullet

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Ciaron Bevan

Warehouse Operative

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Charlie Pollin

Warehouse Operative

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Ricky Welsby


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Barry Griffin



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